As the popularity of drones rise, more and more people are flying than ever before. Flying in Bali is a hit and miss topic as the locals are cashing in and charging for you to fly the drone. The general rule is that you must be 5km from any airport and you must fly no more than 150 metres above the ground. Be respectful of cultural temples and don’t fly above big crowds. The rules are pretty much the same as most places around the world but if in doubt as the local pilots. There are a lot of Indonesians flying drones at popular spots around the island so just have a chat with them and get up to date with the ever changing rules.
cBest beach in Bali

The best beach in Bali
One of the biggest questions I’ve seen popping up on the chat all over the internet is can I bring my drone to Bali? The answer is a big yes! The Indonesians are very open with this new technology and have plenty of stores in the country where you can buy drones and not just online. I have carried my drone on a number of flights but this time was forced to check it in as I was over the limit for carry on. I carried my batteries in my computer bag and just put the foam case inside my big bag and it arrived safe and sound at the other end. I did buy special insurance to cover the aircraft if there are any mishaps. It’s an expensive operation if something does go wrong and you have to buy another one so its best to make sure you cover all the bases.
Bali Villa Life
You’ll find a new type of entrepreneur popping up around the island and they will be asking you for launch and landing fees. There have been reports of people asking for as much as 500,000 rupiah just to fly your drone at the very very touristy Tanah Lot. Its much better to just avoid these types of places altogether and just go to the less frequented areas. For one its safer and 2 you don’t have to keep an eye out for other people flying their drones in the same area. There are so many people flying their drones now days that theres always a chance you can crash mid air and in a populated tourist area its less than desirable. It’s much better to find place like the one below where there is no one around and just you and the entire area to yourself.
caBali drone
Early morning swim in Bali
A lot of local people are very intrigued and love looking at the live view as you fly your drone over head and show them their house or just the surrounding area. It really gives them a different view of the world and you’re guaranteed to get the kids smiling and running around as well. So if you’re coming to Bali and have a drone – bring it. You’ll have a great time flying and take some incredible video and photos in the process. Happy Flying.