Mount Rante is located right across the road from the famous Kawah Ijen parking area and can be combined over 2 days if you want even greater views of the Ijen massif. The trail was opened in March 2018 so this is a new mountain hike in Indonesia. The path is yet to be destroyed by rubbish so be sure to add this to your itinerary of Ijen if you want a more pristine hike on Java island. If you hike to the rim of Ijen first you can can see the trail snaking its way up through the trees and onto the summit area.

I hiked Gunung Rante in October 2019 so here is my account below.

After reading up on what to do in Banyuwangi and what mountains to climb I started to search pages in Indonesian. If you type “mendaki, then (the area you want to climb or mountain you want to climb) you can find a lot more information that if you just use english. The Indonesian hiking culture is growing by the day with more and more young teenagers visiting the mountains. I first hiked my first Gunung back in 2011 and since then I have seen a huge increase in the amount of people going up these things. 
I caught the ferry from Bali to Ketapang and found a motorbike rental from right by the ferry terminal. You can click here to find the motorbike rental. I paid 75k for 24 hours rental. 
Once I rented the bike I rode half way from Banyuwangi up the hill to the Ijen crater car park. I rented a room at the hotel OYO for just 107k rupiah per night. I dropped my things and headed straight for the mountain. 
If you want to learn how to get to the start of the hiking area and combine it with Ijen crater you can check out my post here about Ijen. 
Click here for the start of the hike.




Start of the hike

Once you’ve made it to the parking area of the Ijen crater you can just cross the road and you’ll see a big sign over the trail saying “Jalur Pendakian Gn Rante”. Which means in english, Gunung Rante hiking trail. There is a small ticket office but I arrived at 3pm and no one was around. I did read online that the cost to hike the mountain is 5k so its very cheap and certainly worth the hike.

The hike starts up a wide dirt trail and soon gets very steep and quite difficult. The path is sandy, volcanic sand and is hard to get any purchase. You end up going 2 steps forward, one step back. The trail isn’t covered by the trees and is quite exposed. As I went at 3pm I had the full force of the sun beating down on my back. It was hot going but I just carried on. After 1 hour and 15 minutes after leaving I was on the summit.





The summit area is a wide expanse of land that has been cleared and has amazing views over to Bali and down to Banyuwangi. Once you are on the top you can see the true summit over to the south. It is a forested peak that would be hardly visited. I tried to follow a faint path that led to the summit but made it half way before turning around due to lack of motivation. I stayed on the summit for an hour, enjoying the views and taking it all in.

I was so hot from the walk up but I was soon freezing cold from the strong wind and temperature drop from the higher altitude. Be sure to bring a jacket because it does get cold on the top.


Once the sun had set it was time to head back down and the 1 hour 15 minute trip up took just 14 minutes to get back down. I was back before it was dark and just in time to see the last light fade across the horizon. Gunung Rante is a great hike and can take up less than 2 hours of you time if you needed it to. The summit area is amazing and you’ll have the best views to Raung and Ijen-Merapi. 



Would I recommend this hike?

This hike is a good choice if your in the Ijen/Banyuwangi area and are looking for something different to do besides follow the throngs of tourists up to Kawah Ijen. The hike isn’t that long and can easily be done for sunet. As the sun sets in Java between 5 and 530pm depending on the time of year, you can be on the summit for sunset and back in Banyuwangi by 630pm for some dinner. This hike is pretty beginner friendly but be sure to take a warm jacket as it does get cold on the top, especially if there is wind about. 

Logistics for the trip

How to get there

For the exact starting point of the hike click here.

I stayed in at the hotel OYO in Licin, just 30 minutes ride from the start of the hike. If you are staying in Banyuwangi allow 1 hour to get to the parking area. I was there at 3pm and no one was around to take the fee for entry but if there is someone there the cost will be 5k rupiah. 

Where to Stay

I stayed at Hotel OYO 1415 Ijen which I booked on for $10 AUD a night. Licin is about half way between Banyuwangi and the Ijen crater car park. It is a great little spot, especially if you don’t want to have such a long drive early in the morning if you chose to go for sunrise. 

How long is the hike

The hike is just 6km return with 700m elevation gain. It took me 1 hour and 15 mintues to reach the summit and then just 15 minutes to run down. The trail is very sandy so it takes a long time to get up. Think of it as climbing a massive sand dune that is 700m high and you’ll get the idea of what the hike is like. If you allow 2 hours up and 1 hour down you’ll still have a very good time and it is over quite fast. 




  • Small backpack
  • Head Torch 
  • Rain proof jacket and pants (the weather may be clear but you want to always be prepared. Mountain weather is unpredictable) 
  • Breakfast and snacks 
  • Warm Jacket 
  • 2l water minimum 
  • Camera
  • Hiking boots or trail shoes with really good grip
  • Hiking poles – the trail is very steep after the last campsite 


 Do you plan to hike Rante? Let me know in the comments how you get on.